62% of householders unaware of their home energy rating

While three-quarters of Irish homes have some form of home insulation, almost two-thirds of households are unaware of how energy efficient their home is, according to our new survey.


In advance of the opening of their new “Energia Centre” at the House2Home showrooms at Killeen Road, Energia carried out a survey about home energy efficiency among their 70,000 home energy customers and the following are the main findings:


  • 62% of households are not aware of the energy rating for their home
  • Energy ratings of B and C are the most common among those who know theirs
  • 67% of respondents have seriously considered improving their home’s energy efficiency
  • 75% of respondents have some insulation in their home
  • 75% of insulation jobs cost less than €3,000, with over half costing less than €2,000
  • Over 90% of respondents said their insulation work was value for money
  • Attic (91%) and wall (66%) are the most common insulation projects
  • 77% of respondents have only a vague  or no awareness of the grants available for home energy efficiency upgrades


Geoff Codd, Head of Marketing, Energia said, “At Energia we do our best to help our customers save money on their electricity and gas bills. What many people don’t realise is that you can substantially reduce your energy bills by investing in some straightforward efficiency upgrades for your home..”


“Clearly Irish households are aware of the benefits of energy efficient homes – saving money and energy usage – however the fact that 62% of households don’t know the energy rating of their home shows that there is plenty of room for improvement.”


“Our survey shows that the vast majority of households have invested in some insulation for their homes, attics and walls being by far the most popular locations, and most of these insulation projects are costing less than €3,000. It’s very encouraging that almost everyone who has spent money on insulation considers it money well spent.”


“Some of the energy efficiency offers available to Energia customers include: a massive 47% discount on boiler replacement packages; 25% discounts on cavity wall insulation; 24% savings on solar panel installation and; discounts of 22% are available on energy efficient home heating systems.”


“I would encourage anyone thinking of improving the energy efficiency of their home and reducing their home energy costs to call into the Energia Centre in House2Home, on the Killeen Road Dublin 12. Energia customers can avail of substantial discounts and grants of up to 28% on all insulation services at the Energia Centre.  See energia.ie for further details or call the Energia Centre on 1850 719 372