The Vent Axia Lo-Carbon Sentinel Kinetic range

Our preferred range of energy-efficient boilers is the Lo-Carbon Sentinel Kinetic range. The Sentinel Kinetic High Flow range benefits from the latest high-efficiency design, ensuring the lowest possible energy consumption and an exceptional performance range covering everything from small one-bed apartments to the largest of houses.



Independent test results show an operational efficiency of 88% to 90%.

Vent-Axia is a trusted brand and innovator in energy efficient ventilation and heating products. A British company, now 80 years old, it was granted the Royal Warrant and holds ISO 9001. From our point of view, as an installer, we have found that they supply excellent sales and technical support.


✔ Ultra quiet

✔ Horizontal duct option for space-saving installations

✔ Plug and play controls; Humidistat, Ventwise, Wireless Remote

✔ Adjustable delay On/delay Off timer


SEAI Grant

Under the Better Energy Homes Scheme, up to €700 is available for the replacement of an old boiler with a high-efficiency gas or oil-fired boiler and replacement of heating controls. For more details and to apply for the Better Homes Grant, go here

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