Replace your old boiler with a condensing
gas boiler and save every year

Gas Boiler Replacements...Did you know?

  • Boilers more than 15 years old run at around 70% efficiency compared to 90% for a new A-rated boiler
  • This translates into a saving of 25% in fuel costs – you could reduce your bills by a quarter by replacing your old boiler!
  • Under the Better Homes Scheme, the SEAI makes available a grant of up to €700. More details below

Total Heating is an experienced installer of A-rated condensing gas or oil boilers and is a registered contractor with the SEAI.

What is a condensing boiler?

There is crucial second step in the heating process which makes condensing boilers more efficient than standard boilers. Standard boilers lose energy because they vent the gasses arising from the water-heating process out of the system into the environment. Condensing boilers instead harness the heat energy in these gasses, which can be as hot as 150⁰C to 200⁰C.

A second heat exchanger in the boiler works to cool the hot water, causing the gas to cool as well. During this process around 8% of the gas’s total energy is recovered and goes back into the system.

Talk to us about using a condensing boiler in conjunction with a solar water heating system for improved energy efficiency and a lower impact on the environment.


SEAI Grant

Under the Better Energy Homes Scheme, up to €700 is available for the replacement of an old boiler with a high-efficiency gas or oil-fired boiler and replacement of heating controls. For more details and to apply for the Better Homes Grant, go here


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