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Did you know?

  • Stoves are three to four times more efficient than open fires

  • Up to 80% of the heat from an open fire goes up the chimney

  • Installing a stove will improve your BER rating

  • You can combine your stove and your central heating system – heat your radiators and water while you heat your room

  • The flueing system for a stove seals your chimney, making the room warmer even when the stove is not lighting


Choosing a stove

Total Heating will help you assess your heating needs and choose the most appropriate stove. We start with determining whether you want to heat a room or combine the stove with a central heating system. We look at the size of the room(s) and the degree of insulation you have, and we will work out the BTUs (British Thermal Units) you will need your stove to generate.

For example, to heat a single, medium-sized room, the most suitable solution is a Stanley Oisin stove. The Stanley Tara solid fuel stove heats 5 to 6 radiators;  the Stanley Ashling 6 to 7 radiators; the Stanley Erin stove boiler heats up to 9 standard radiators and burns coal, wood, peat briquettes and other solid fuels.


Stanley Stoves

At Total Heating we are happy to recommend Ireland’s number one stove brand, Stanley. Stanley has been manufacturing in Waterford since 1938. Known as the manufacturer of range cookers, Stanley has, in the last 15 years, devoted itself to producing a premium-quality range of cast-iron stoves. Every aspect of production happens in Waterford: research, design of the stoves, manufacturing, technical services, sales and marketing. Waterford is the centre of excellent for stove manufacturing within the AGA Rangemaster group.