If your house is 30 years old or more, you should inspect your tank for dirt, rust and leaks




 Did you know?

  • The weight of a galvanised steel water tank in the attic is 300 Kg, which is about half the weight of a grand piano
  • If your house is over 30 years old, the chances are your steel tank is rusting and liable to leaks
  • Some insurance companies won’t cover an attic tank leak if it is a steel tank

The water tank in the attic is not something we give much thought to – out of sight, out of mind! – until those worrying brown circles appear on your ceiling. Never ignore them! Think of the damage 50 gallons of dirty brown water could do to your house, not to mention the risk of the whole tank coming down.


What to do?

Replacing your old, rusty and leaky steel tank with a plastic tank will give you real peace of mind. Total Heating replaces your old tank with a plastic or fiberglass tank. We insulate both the tank and the piping and supply a lid to keep dirt and creepy crawlies out, as well as a drip tray piped to overflow in case of condensation.

Benefits of plastic tanks

✔ They are lighter

✔ They cannot rust so are perfect for Ireland’s damp climate

✔ They are less likely to leak

✔ They last longer

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